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Where can I see the volumes created on a windows machine?

(Aerioeus) #1

I understand data Volumes will be local to the Linux VM running on Windows and not be available on the Windows host. You can use them with other containers, but not from the host. However I’m wondering if one can locate them anyway. when I check in the windows linux subsystem for volumes created i get:

        "CreatedAt": "2018-08-08T09:41:56Z",
        "Driver": "local",
        "Labels": {},
        "Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/my-vol/_data",
        "Name": "my-vol",
        "Options": {},
        "Scope": "local"

But there is obviously no docker dir on the WSL. is it possible to access the HyperV istance linux where the docker stuff happens sowehow to check the directory there?


(Christian Sciberras) #2

It depends on how the docker client is connecting to the docker daemon and how you are invoking the client.

For example, since you can invoke windows executables from wsl* (just by adding a .exe suffix), running docker.exe .... from wsl is the same as running it from the cmd.

To be sure, just check if /var/lib/docker/volumes exists from your wsl prompt. Probably, it does not.

As to the 2nd part of your question, when I used docker toolbox, I could log into the VM using docker-machine ssh. Maybe it also works?

* try running notepad.exe from wsl and see what happens :grin: