Where does Docker Desktop store my application image in Windows 11?

I can see my application image in the Docker Desktop UI, but I want to run it in the command line as I am learning docker. However, I am unable to find my application image. I see a lot of people are asking the same question on the internet!
How come it is not configurable where the image is stored - where is my application image stored?

What does that mean exactly? Do you get the image list when you run

docker image ls


I suppose you also saw at least a couple of answers on the internet. We have discussed it too in many topics. Did you find something that you didn’t understand so we can clarify it?

You won’t find the images physically on the host since everything is inside a virtual machine. In case of using the WSL backend you could actually find the files from your file browser but is not recomended and you almost never need that.

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Thanks for your reply. I thought that I have to be in the same folder as the images in order to run it.
But now I found that I just have to do from any folder,

docker -dp port0:port1 <image tag>

There are some container engines like Singularity that can work that way, but Docker is not one of them.