Where does Docker store caches and temp files?


Since I have been “playing” with Docker beta on windows, I realize I have lost a lot of free disk space. I have remove images and containters, but I have not get backup the space. I guess there are temp files or something like that still saved in some place.

Could anyone help me?


Hi @rubencasado

There are a number of places where files are stored. The vhdx file (hard disk) should be by far the biggest and it grows dynamically as you use Docker for Windows. There potentially is a way to shrink it as you remove container images etc but we have not yet implemented this feature. A simple and brute force way to reclaim disk space is to do a factory reset in the settings panel. This will delete your vhdx file and recreate it.

Log files are kept are AppData\Local\Docker but they should not consume a lot of diskspace.