Which part of docker written in the GO Language?

May I want to which part of the docker written in the GO Language.

Is Docker Desktop Completely written in the Golang?

Is Docker file concept written in the GOlang?

Is Docker Compose concept written in the GOLang ?

Is Docker Daemon concept written in the GOLang ?

Is Total docker concept written in the GOLang?

can you give me the clear explanation?

Kindly reply me as soon as possible.

I can try to answer to my best knowledge. Though, I am not sure why you ask whether concepts are written in GO.

I doubt it. Especially extensions have a free choise to use whatever they see fit.

Dockerfiles are not written in go. Though, the implementation that docker did/uses is written in go. There are plenty of tools that can generate an OCI compliant container image based on a Dockerfile - they don’t necessarily have to be written in go.

v1 is implemented in python (originally it was a third party solution, that become integrated into the docker portfolio), v2 is implemented in go.

The docker engine is implemented in go. Note: it still delegates operations to kernel features and linux libraries

Why would a concept be written in a programming language?

What’s the big picture behind those questions?