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Why convert user account into an Organization account?

I have a Docker Hub subscription account. Within this account, I can create Organizations and Teams. However, I also see a statement that in order to take advantage of Organization features, I need to convert my account from a user account to an Organization account.

Can anyone explain the differences? I have read some help doc on this and there doesn’t appear any clear reason why to have it one way or the other.


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I have the same exact questions. I’m puzzled by the concept of organization as in “Organizations and Teams” on one hand, and of organization as in “convert a user account to an organization account” on the second hand.

If someone could help me understand, thanks in advance!

User accounts are just normal accounts having number of permissions to do activities on a specific platform but, org accounts do have more permissions, rights and company has also been listed with the user account details. Learn more at steemexperts [dot] com