Why does Docker for Mac stable lag on docker releases?

There hasn’t been Docker for Mac Stable release in a couple of months. It’s still at 17.03 and compose 1.11, two versions behind the regular docker release (17.05 / 1.13).

I know I can try Edge but I believe that requires losing current containers / images, and I would rather stay on “released” versions. I’m otherwise using released/official docker on ubuntu, so it’s a pain dealing with the old client and old bugs on MacOS.

I guess I’m just wondering if this is temporary – does Docker for Mac intend for Stable to keep up with docker releases or is it totally on its own schedule? Maybe I should be using docker-machine instead of Docker for Mac.


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Its something I would be interested in too…

Was wondering the same thing

Found the explanation to this, https://blog.docker.com/2017/03/docker-enterprise-edition/

FYI, 17.06 is out :heart_eyes:

Docker for Mac Stable Channel releases every quarter. So the one after 17.03 would be 17.06, and then 17.09 (although they seem unable to keep this pace). Everything in between (like 17.05) belongs to Edge Channel.

As far as I know, these “Channel” things only belongs to Docker for Mac; there is no “Docker CE Edge”.

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