Why not implement SNMP on Docker Engine?

I was in doubt to start this discussion as a Proposal on Github, decided to do it here.

I was thinking about the monitoring state of Docker, and the use of minimal OSes, that you cant install other packages.

Maybe if the Docker Engine provided an optional snmp interface, we could use with most monitoring solutions., would be a great strategy.

Docker Inc could apply for an Enterprise OID, and all things provided by docker stats could be made available by snmp.

What’s your thoughts about that ?


I’m just another Docker user, but my thoughts are that this would be a BRILLIANT idea.

We have moved to an enterprise monitoring solution that works on SNMP out the box. I know its old tech, but it actually works really well. To be able to monitor Docker with this would be really helpful.

It does currently support using CAdvisor etc. but native SNMP would be much more useful