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Wifi Dropping on Host with Docker/VirtualBox

(PCJ) #1

Expected behavior

Consistent Wifi on both guest and host instances.

Actual behavior

Wifi intermittently drops and some protocols like IMAP failing on host OS.


I have been testing out Docker 1.11.1 on OSX 10.11.4 and 5 and have observed this strange behavior in which randomly the wifi on the host OS drops out and reconnects and some protocols such as IMAP stop working and then start working again. Initially I thought it was a hardware issue with my Macbook Pro but since I had another identical machine I installed Docker and observe the same behavior.

I also installed Virtualbox without Docker and see the same behavior which leads me to believe that it is related to VirtualBox and not docker. Has anyone else observed similar behavior? I have tried both two different Macbook Pro’s on a couple of different (Asus/SonicWall) access points and see the same behavior.

Any ideas on how to debug this issue further?

(Jhoffjann) #2

I have that exact same behaviour. Just found this during randomly googling to solve my problem of randomly dropping Wifi on my rMBP. Running Docker 1.11.1-beta3 and Mac OS 10.11.5.

(Pakastin) #3

Me too: both with my old MBP and the brand new one. Also with Virtualbox and Docker Mac beta 1.12.0-rc2, build 906eacd. First I though it could be because of the wifi, but I switched using LAN to bring the second router just next to the computer and it didn’t help.

It’s really annoying, because quite constantly I can’t even browse the internet anymore.