Default install on a Mac, terminal is losing connection to docker host

I am at a loss here. I did the default Docker Toolbox install and right off the bat it works and I can run docker hello-world and also start pulling images from my local registry.

However, while working in the docker terminal, regularly it will “lose” it’s connection to the default VM. So I run my docker image with Docker run --rm -ti and then all of a sudden I’ll see this error:

Error deleting container: An error occurred trying to connect: read tcp no route to host

To resolve this I typically have to reboot the default VM. It’s not making any sense to me. Any ideas?

Try VBoxManage list hostonlyifs, and check if you have a second 192.168.99/24 network. You should also check the routing on your Mac with netstat -f inet -r | more to see if that net is in use nearby.