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Will docker on RHEL7 be kept updated?

(Michael Brown) #1

It’s awesome that Docker ships with RHEL7, but at the moment it’s shipping version 1.1.2.

Given that we need to keep docker updated as it’s still in heavy development and there are some serious fixes incoming, what is the plan for RHEL?

Will RH keep docker updated?

Will fixes be backported into the shipping version?

(Sven Dowideit) #2

This is a question that only Redhat can really answer - as the RHEL package repository is separate and secret.

They also heavily patch Docker, so like Redhat’s linux kernel, it bares little reseblance to the open souce 1.1.2 version.

However :smile: from the discussions I’ve had, yes, they backport fixes alot, and are not likely to be considering freezing on an old Docker until RHEL8.

Importantly though, updating the Docker binary to our latest release is easy, as its a single binary - and you (probably) can compare their srpm source with our released source to get a feel for the differences)