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Windows 10 / 1809, Linux Dockerfile in Windows mode, access denied

(David Watt) #1

Hi all, strange thing happening:

I am attempting to build a Linux container on Windows 10 Pro / 1809 set to Windows container mode.

When I do a docker build ., the first few lines that copy files, set my workdir, and so on, run just fine.

But on my first attempt to run something in the container that starts a process, I get access denied from Windows:

Step 7/14 : RUN ["pipenv", "install"]
 ---> Running in 11ff6d6e09c3
container 11ff6d6e09c36c95018bbb73f97131054038b67a6d5268dc0776d418a3cef131 encountered an error during CreateProcess: failure in a Windows system call: Unspecified error (0x80004005)
[Event Detail: failed to run runc create/exec call for container 11ff6d6e09c36c95018bbb73f97131054038b67a6d5268dc0776d418a3cef131: exit status 1 Stack Trace:*container).startProcess

If I switch Docker to Linux containers, this works just fine.
I can run Linux containers interactively in Windows-container mode – eg docker run -it ubuntu:latest /bin/sh while in Windows-container mode works just fine.

Has anyone else tripped over this?

Versions of things: Docker for Windows, build 8858db3; engine 18.09.2; Windows 10 Enterprise, OS build 17763.1