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Windows 10, Asp.Net, SQL Server containers, amount of RAM. I'm using 64 bit version?

I’m using Docker for Windows STABLE (latest build Version 1.13.1 (10072)) and latest Windows 10.

I’m using microsoft/aspnet and microsoft/mssql-server-windows-express.

In my Windows Task Manager I see process “Vmmem” sometimes in “Suspended” status. But the application is still going but very very slow (on other machines the same files are very very speedy!).

This process (Vmmem) is always about 950 MB. Always.

My question: I’m on Windows 10 64 bit, 8 logical CPU (Intel i7), 16 GB RAM. I’m using 64 bit version of Docker, Docker and Windows container? My app is slow because it can’t surplus the 950 MB of ram maybe?

It’s possible?

I’m simply running a 4.6 app and a new sql server…

The app is speedy on my notebook PC which has 2GB RAM and an unstable CPU. Why?

Can I specify the RAM amount for a container?

You can give containers more memory, eg. -m 2GB

Thanks @friism. But why this? Isn’t it free to allow how many RAM it needs (automagically)?

Maybe, I think, something for limit the memory, not for allowing more…

I’m wrong?