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Windows Docker NOOB needs help: MSSQL, DTExec, and Jet/Ace OLEDB image

This is for Windows Docker to test on Windows 10 Pro and run on Azure.

docker container run -d -p 14331:1433 --env ACCEPT_EULA=Y
–env sa_password=P4$$w0rd1234 --name myContainer1
-m 2048M --volume C:\DOCKER\myContainers:C:\files
–volume C:\DOCKER\myContainers\SQL:C:\SQLdata --volume C:\DOCKER\myContainers\Importer:C:\ssis
–volume C:\DOCKER\Bin:C:\LNbin --volume C:\DOCKER\install:C:\install

docker container start myContainer1
docker container stop myContainer1

docker commit myContainer1 etl_myContainer1

I need to add the MS-Access OLEDB driver, so do I get it from here?

so that I can:
COPY Jet40SP8_9xNT.exe c:`\

But, I also need the DTExec.exe in the image so I can load an MDB from a view in MSSQL. The DTExec has many dependencies and cannot simply be copied into a volume.

These are the client requirements and I cannot change them.