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MSSQL for windows containers. Can it be done?

I have an ASPNet 4.7 site that is still being actively developed

I recently decided it needs to be modernized and Ive turned to Docker with the hopes of eventually implementing a microservices model

It seems that Microsoft do not support MSSQL for windows (!!!).

As far as I can see that means I wont be able to create a docker environment for this site.
It runs on IIS currently, so it has to be windows OS. MSSQL is supported under linux but I cant mix containers (as far as I know)

Is there a way that I can port my site to docker, or is it doomed without MSSQL support?

I dont really want to look for another Database and the whole idea of moving to docker was so that I didnt have to do a big all at once .net core rewrite

I think they just focus on the Linux version since they have products like MSSQL Big Data Clusters

There is a github repo where you can find MSSQL for windows: mssql-docker/windows at master · microsoft/mssql-docker · GitHub

It is not frequently updated so people try to create their own, updated versions like:

Since Linux containers are much more advanced for now than Windows containers, you can find more image for Linux than for Windows. It doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own image.

If you know how you can install your version on a host machine from PowerShell, you can probably do it in a Docker image. I am sure it won’t be easy, but it can be done.

On the other hand, I am not sure if it worth it. If it does for you, I think you can do it.

An other version: Docker Hub

Which is from this post: Mount Shared Windows folder from Docker Windows Container - same box

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