Windows host mounted volume chown workaround

I found a workaround for the chown commands in a container on a volume hosted on a windows machine.

By a fluke, I did not run into this problem (and was not aware of it after months of use) until I moved my project’s volume when trying to organize my dev environment the other day. When I moved my folder within Windows, the chown commands in my startup script stopped working. After some investigation and testing I discovered that I had originally created the folder on a shared volume within a linux vm. I believe because that folder structure was created on a linux vm running on virtualbox the chown commands work. After making this connection, I fired up VirtualBox, created a new folder within the linux vm onto a shared volume. I then used that folder as the volume for docker and voila!

Just thought I’d let others know in case they find the workaround useful. I’m also hoping that it might be useful for a future Docker update so Windows users don’t have to deal with this issue any longer.