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Windows installer crashes

(Thomas Mutton) #1

Docker for Windows Installer.exe version
Windows 10 version 1709

Hello, I am encountering a problem installing Docker for Windows. Simply the installer window is stuck on “Downloading… Downloading package”. The window says (Not Responding).

What would cause this to happen and how can I remedy this?

Thank you


(Zierde01) #2

Did you find a solution to this? I too am getting the same issue; just freezes up with a (Not Responding) title.
I’m using installer.exe version on Windows 10

(Frizbeano) #3

I have the very same issue but I can’t get it to work. Did anybody find a way around this?

(Paul Robello) #4

Same issue with latest Docker for windows Edge release.
Running windows 10 Enterprise 64bit.

(Svenev) #5

Same issue here, Windows 10 Pro 64bit

(Kaushaldocid) #6

Same issue for me as well. Installation window hangs while downloading the package

(Baldurt) #7

Same issue, Windows 10 64-bit. First happened when trying to update to new version and now does not appear to be installed and this behavior comes up when i try to re-install.


I am also getting the same issue. Do i need to install Docker Toolbox if Docker for Windows is not working.


I had the same issue and was able to install after I did a system reboot.


I am also facing the same issue. Did anyone manage to fix it?


Anyone ? facing the same issue too…
EDIT : I solved the issue by uninstalling Vagrant, rebooting and then re-installing. May worth a try for people who are in the same situation.


Super helpful! Thanks for following up with your solution.


Same issue here! I even tried older versions of Docker for Windows! Any tipps???

The update to popped up and uninstalled the previous version ( and now the installer hangs…

UPDATE: finally I solved it via the suggestion to restart from @langxiong in the issue