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Windows installer crashes

Docker for Windows Installer.exe version
Windows 10 version 1709

Hello, I am encountering a problem installing Docker for Windows. Simply the installer window is stuck on “Downloading… Downloading package”. The window says (Not Responding).

What would cause this to happen and how can I remedy this?

Thank you



Did you find a solution to this? I too am getting the same issue; just freezes up with a (Not Responding) title.
I’m using installer.exe version on Windows 10

I have the very same issue but I can’t get it to work. Did anybody find a way around this?

Same issue with latest Docker for windows Edge release.
Running windows 10 Enterprise 64bit.

Same issue here, Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Same issue for me as well. Installation window hangs while downloading the package

Same issue, Windows 10 64-bit. First happened when trying to update to new version and now does not appear to be installed and this behavior comes up when i try to re-install.

I am also getting the same issue. Do i need to install Docker Toolbox if Docker for Windows is not working.

I had the same issue and was able to install after I did a system reboot.

I am also facing the same issue. Did anyone manage to fix it?

Anyone ? facing the same issue too…
EDIT : I solved the issue by uninstalling Vagrant, rebooting and then re-installing. May worth a try for people who are in the same situation.

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Super helpful! Thanks for following up with your solution.

Same issue here! I even tried older versions of Docker for Windows! Any tipps???

The update to popped up and uninstalled the previous version ( and now the installer hangs…

UPDATE: finally I solved it via the suggestion to restart from @langxiong in the issue

Same issue here. A restart fixed the problem.

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This seems to happen a lot. I just accepted to upgrade Docker, which worked perfectly fine. It was first removed and then installed again. That last part failed…

This is what I see in the Windows event log…
The program Docker for Windows Installer.exe version stopped interacting with Windows

Any suggestions. I removed all references to Docker, both on the file system and the registry. But still I get the same error…

I also performed a restart. No luck either…

Well, in this case you need to restart the Windows 10 operating system, this may works for you, but if not then free up some space on the hard drive. You can also re-register the Windows installer.

To follow the complete steps to re-register Windows installer read this -

Restarting fixed it for me too

I got exactly same issue. Tried reinstalling, manually delete half-created folder as well as rebooting my PC. The installer still hang (showing no response). Now the magic is, it installed successfully after being “not responding” for 10+mins. A GUI bug in docker windows? I am not sure…

hey Guys
in my case … deleting the .Docker folder under C:\Users\myname.Docker fixed the problem and installation got completed.