WordPress files in Windows location?

Dear all,

How do i add the WordPress file structure in the container (locally in windows explorer)?

I checked

but still unable to do what i need.

I am new to docker but i read some documentation so far; but nothing pointing to this specifically.

I have no idea wether its possible to create a volume baked by a bind on Docker Desktop for Windwows, but what always works is to use a volume bind when declaring your container (e.g. -v /data/wordpress:/whatever/the/path/must/be/inside/the/container) and then use \\wsl$\docker-desktop\data\wordpress or \\wsl$\docker-desktop-data\data\wordpress in explorer to access the folder.

Just make sure the files you edit/add are using unix line endings (LF) and not dos line endings (CRLF).

I went through Use bind mounts | Docker Documentation

But still don’t get exactly the steps and command i need to run?
If it’s not too much, are you able to outline them?
I’ve watched a video on docker, and i continue to read documentation, and start to understand docker’s container approach.

My next step is understanding how to clone the (containers/images) files locally on the OS.
Or if this is not practice, when it comes to WordPress, what is the approach to editing files and other tasks that a developer does with xampp?