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How to work with Docker in Development with WordPress


I’m new to Docker and have been asked to take over a WordPress project that uses it. Ive got the images and containers set up on my local machine via WSL and also onto a staging server. All runs and works as expected.

My Question sits with how I should develop on my local machine. If I make changes to WordPress like add new templates files or edit current templates I have to stop the container and the image and then build again which is eating up a lot of time. I feel I have missed something in how this should be done.

Should I be going into the container and adding files to the container file system instead? If so how do I then save the files back to my local machine before the container is closed? I also thought should I be developing the WordPress theme away from/with out docker and then add the files to docker testing it locally and then pushing to staging?

Thank you for any input