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Work with docker on local

I’d like to use pycharm and postgresql on my ubuntu.
1- Install them on the system and develop my app
2- or instead of installing them directly on ubuntu, create a container with docker and mention in the requirement for installing pycharm and postgresql for the app that i’m going to develop.
Is the second way is better to do ?

Hi ddetrex and welcome to the Docker Forum.

The things with containers is that they should do only one thing. A container is not a virtual machine. They can run in one, but they are a single execution unit.

On the Docker Hub, you can find a lot of already built images to create your containers from. Among them, there already is an official postgres image that you can run and one from binhex that runs pycharm on arch linux.

Hi ovelindstrom,
Thank you.
If i understand, it’s not necessary to create container for installing pycharm ! So I can search on dockerhub the image that corresponding at my goal and use it ?

If i have an application that requiere pycharm and postgresql, is there image contain both ?

As I said before, when working with containers, there is not need to stuff to much into the same image. The same way that you do not say “is there an installer that installs both pycharm and postgres at the same time”.

Difference with docker is that using a docker-compose file, you actually have that “installer”. :smiley:

So in your application stack, there would then be 3 containers (at least); your app, pycharm and postgres.

And I linked to the two images you need to get started.

Okwy thank you so much. In the documentation of docker they explain how can i make a docker compose file ?