WSL Update Failed

When I try to launch my docker the issue above appears. If I close the error pop-up, “Docker Engine Stopped” window appears.

Have you actually tried what the popup window suggests?

  1. Execute in a Windows terminal: wsl --update
  2. Collecting diagnostic data and submitting it?

Docker Desktop on Windows depends on WSL1/2. Whenever WSL1/2 is broken, Docker Desktop is affected, as it depends on WSL1/2 to run its backend in an utility vm

Your WSL2 version is outdated. Download the latest x64 release from and perform a manual installation.

I am sorta lost in that link where to download the latest version. is it possible if you can elaborate it for me?

Scroll down to the latest version (not pre-release). Click on the “msixbundle” file under “Assets” or the file with the “msi” extension that matches the architecture of your Windows. Either the file that contains “x64” (more common) or “ARM64”.