Updating wsl: update failed: wsl.exe --update n--web-download not supported

Hello Docker Community,

I’m currently encountering an issue with Docker on my Windows machine, and I’m seeking assistance from the community to help me troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

I’m experiencing difficulties starting Docker. The error message I’m encountering is:
“updating wsl: update failed: wsl.exe --update n–web-download not supported”

Operating System: Windows 10 home
Docker Version: 24.0.6, build ed223bc

Steps Taken:
I have updated WSL to the latest version.
Set the default WSL version to 2.
Enabled virtualization feature

Kindly find attached images for more details

It doesn’t look like a Docker related issue. Your Docker Desktop doesn’t even use WSL according the the screenshot. Otherwise you would have “docker-desktop” and “docker-desktop-data” distributions. Maybe I missed something so can you tell us why you think it is related to Docker?

I have the same problem with automatic update of wsl.
Latest version of Docker Desktop ( crashes on start with same error message.

If I try manual updating of wsl - Docker Desktop also doesn’t start. It complains of wsl latest version. But I have this one already. And I don’t use it at all.

What should I do to repair Docker Desktop installation?

Since ther eis another similar issue, I wonder does the error message really says “n–web-download” and not just “–web-download”?

I have the same problem with automatic update of wsl.
Were you able to resolve this issue?

My error message doesn’t contain “-n”, it contains “–web-download”.

I can not run the Docker, the msg is below;

updating wsl update failed: wsl.exe - update – web-download not supported

I’m very needed to solve this problem

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… and still you didn’t seem to have opened and read the link that @rimelek shared.

I have the same problem.
wsl --update
says that i have the latest version.
OS Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (19045.2006)
Docker Desktop (
But when I start Docker Desktop it crushes with error:

Updating wsl: update failed: wsl.exe --update --web-download not supported

The link above didn’t help as I have Windows 10 Pro

When I run
wsl --help
there is no option --web-download for --update
only option --rollback

What helped:
I guess wsl version was outdated, but wsl --update didn’t work.
Followed the steps from “Manual installation steps for older versions of WSL” acticle.
Worked for me

And this is exactly what @meyay sugested in the topic which “didn’t help” you :slight_smile:, except from a different source, but that should have helped too.

Thanks for the link from the official MS docs :+1:

I tried the link provided but the error persists. Has anyone found a solution yet?? Running docker desktop 4.25.1 with wsl 2

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I had the same issues after updating to Docker Desktop 4.25.2 on Windows 10 Home.

Resolved by reinstalling Docker Desktop 4.24.1

For more info :

Link to older release :

Make sure you restart your computer after installing docker!

Confirm 3 windows features are enable

  • Virtual Machine Platform
  • Windows Hypervisor Platform
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux

Then try to update WSL. Hopefully it will works.

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I conquered the same issue and updated WSL to resolve it.

Translated by moderator using Google Translate:

same problem I followed the guide Manual installation steps for older versions of WSL | Microsoft Learn 1
problem not solved for me.

Since this is an English community forum, please, write your posts in English. Otherwise your posts could be considered spam and deleted. I translated your message this time.

Not sure how you were able to set default wsl to 2, but docker is gonna do it automatically, all you need to do is install it first(that why i said im not sure, because this error occurs when it doesn’t installed imho). You can install it by this way

to check you build version use win+r and type winver
after the installation succeded you may see the ubuntu window installing itself, there can also be some issues if your virtualization is off

also making it enabled(virtualization) in your bios is not enough, hyper-v needed as well

I don’t know how much this will help you. I got the same issue as soon as I was opening my Docker Desktop and these steps helped me sort the things out.

  1. Make sure to start the windows update service (Most Important Part)
    ->search “services” in start bar and open it.
    ->Search for “Windows Update” and open it. (Right Click and Properties)
    ->In “Startup type”, select “manual”.
    ->Click on “Start” button.
    ->Hit “Apply”.
    If you have closed the windows update purposefully, just put your wifi in “metered connection” for a while and after all the steps below are done you can again “Disable” the “windows Update”.

  2. I did not had WSL in my PC.
    ->I opened my command prompt(Run as administrator) and wrote “wsl.exe” and then I realized I didn’t have WSL.
    ->Now to install WSL, I had to download the Ubuntu from the Microsft Store. (Just write Ubuntu in the search bar and download the first one).
    ->Ubantu us now installed in your PC.
    To check weather ubantu is installed or not,you have to go to command prompt and have to write “wsl”, it will open another tag for you which will have your PC name marked in green color.

  3. Update WSL
    ->Open command prompt (Run as administrator)
    ->write “wsl.exe --update” and hit enter.
    If this error comes, “The requested operation requires elevation.”, this means you have not opened command prompt by administrator.

  4. As soon as wsl will get updated, you restart your PC and after restart open docker desktop.

The docker will work this time

Now you can disable your “windows update” feature