WSL2 or Linux VM

Hi guys,

I need to use Docker for work, but the IT team doesn’t want to have Linux on a machine. My options are WSL2 on Windows or a Linux VM.

Which option is better? I’m leaning towards a Linux VM.

How are we supposed to answer this question without knowing your use case and circumstances?

Do you need to access published container ports from other hosts of your lan? → easier with vm
Do you need to connect (usb) devices to your container? → needs a vm
Do you need to use WSL2 for something else? → Once WSL is installed(!) , it will force every vm solution other than hyper-v, into hyper-v compatibility mode (=painful slow)

Running docker-ce in a WSL2 distribution with enabled systemd support works like a charm for development. But I would not recommend it for 24/7 operations. Thanks to WSLg, you can even run your IDE inside a WSL2 distribution, and it is still rendered on your Windows Desktop.

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If it can help, all my team (10 developpers) are using WSL2 and docker and it works perfectly.

Yeah, I will need to access container ports and networking will be a big part of it.