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X509: certfificate signed by unknown authority when using docker login from a remote machine


I’m trying to acces a private nexus repo. using docker login from a remote machine on the same network and despite i have followed instuctions in the documentation of docker i still get the x509: certfificate signed by unknown authority error,
I’m on a centOs 8 machine, with nexus OSS 3.29.2-02, i’ve configured the the repo according to the following documentation Configuring SSL
and i’ve created the self signed certificate using java keytool and it works when i access it from the browser on the same machine and from the remote machine.
i’ve copied the certificate .cer to the /etc/docker/certs.d/domain:port/ location then i also copied it to /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/ and ran sudo update-ca-trust according to docker docs:
Test an insecure registry | Docker Documentation
when i keytool -printcert -sslserver domain:port -v the certificate is printed.
when i wget from the remote machine it works and the certificate is successfully validated and data downloaded.
i’ve checked many topics but all are talking about putting the certificate in the above mentioned locations what i’ve already done.

thanks in advance.