X509: certificate signed by unknown authority in Windows docker with os Windows host

I just installed docker for Windows in my Windows 10 host. I am trying to run “docker pull microsoft/windowsservercore”, but I got “x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”.

I am behind company proxy. I did a lot of search and it seems nothing worked for me. Some solutions are for docker for window based on Linux system.

Does anybody have a solution?

Thanks a lot.

It’s extraordinarily frustrating how unhelpful the docker community is on this issue. lots of people run into this and have no response to the question.

It’s probably somewhere in the docker documentation, but the docker documentation is clearly written for docker experts, not people actually trying to learn how to use it.

I’m an architect/developer trying to get familiar with docker, but I can’t get it running in my company. I’m not a security expert. I don’t know the details of TLS and certificates because it’s not my area of expertise. I can’t grab one of the corporate security guys and use up his time trying to figure it out because I’m just trying to see if it’s going to be of any value to our company and I don’t want to waste a bunch of other peoples’ time trying to figure this stuff out.
I’m frustrated by the number of bugs I find in docker and docker-machine and I’m VERY frustrated by the lack of support in both areas.

I found the solution for my case:

  1. Go to Computer Management->System Tools->Event Views->Windows Logs to check which site/service is blocked by the corporate proxy server.
  2. Ask IT department to allow this site/service to work.