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Yet another tool for build automation

(Nchanged) #1

I am working in a very interesting company, and i started to dockerize all products we have. I have encountered many issues related to continuous integration. Too many things need to be run, validated e.t.c. I wanted an easy integration, the less scripting - the better.
I decided to create a simple python script, but it grew into something bigger than just a script. I have created a tool. I would call a nice tool.
I have been working on it’s website.
There it is:

I would love to hear opinions on the subject. I have written a comprehensive documentation and some tutorials. The tool it’s perfect yet, sure. But it’s a start.

Any input would be highly appreciated!

Thanks for attention!

(Mark Rendle) #2

Hi. Looks very interesting, I will have a proper play when I get a minute. In the meantime, the website could use a link to GitHub.

(Nchanged) #3

Thanks, i will add it there!