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Need a tool to assist in implementing build/test pipelines based on Docker running directly on host

Hello! Trying to find a tool to assist in implementing build/test pipelines based on Docker running directly on host :roll_eyes: . Something like expressing build/test pipeline:

pull gcc/cmake
mount ./cpp_build
run gcc/cmake ./cpp_build
sh ./cpp_build/
build-image ./cpp_build.Dockerfile -tag my-cpp-app

Pipelines supposed to be somewhat composable (reusable); distributed among team members through SCM(git); maybe report results to eMail (builds might take hours?); :thinking: etc.
I’m kinda frustrated that can’t find something like that for pretty long time. Was evaluating self-hosted CI/CD tools for that like Jenkins, Concourse, Drone, etc. and they don’t actually fit (critically: for example you can’t use host’s GPU which is part of build process). When it happens eventually it just becomes obvious that you was sitting on top of it the whole time :grin: .
Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

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Are you saying that you’re developing some bot to create new topics here (and in other forums on the internet) from other people’s content elsewhere? I very much doubt anyone is waiting for that. In fact, I’d say this very forum does not allow it: Post Only Your Own Stuff.

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Sorry, as an internet user, I really don’t see how this is helpful anywhere.

A forum is a place for discussion. Your bot re-posting things from other people is not going to help the discussion at all, if only as the original author is not part of such discussion. And I feel that goes for other places too: the original author is key to clarify things if needed. So, I’d guess it’s not only unwanted here, but is unsolicited anywhere on the internet. But maybe I’m missing some specific helpful use cases.

I got your point. Thanks for your detailed explanation. We will move to a forum that could notice and involve the original author in further discussions, e.g., github.