A Suggestion on Docker Whale Logo RE:"The Wave"

(and now for something very general…)

Hi, so…Docker is a neat project…and I commented to someone that the logo was very cute, but that it was a shame the whale is being cut up by a wave line in the official logo. It’s a very “disconnected-looking” detail that comes off as noise, and I believe most cases would be improved by omitting it.

But in compositions that wanted to use the wave, it could be conveyed more cleanly by a color shift–like this, for example:

I understand that the wave is part of the message that there is a common support structure “underneath” all the apps–that can be “taken for granted”/“removed from sight”. But the nice thing about a logo with many layers of meaning is that you don’t have to force every layer into every usage. (This forum’s icon is a great “reduced” example of a small-form monochrome version that omits the wave…and it “holds water” on its own–so to speak.)

In any case, this has been sitting on my desktop from a conversation I was having with someone about points of graphic design. Then I didn’t know what to do with it after I was done…here it might find its way to some use, or inspire some design? Forward to whomever. But either way, I can delete it now.

(And if anyone asks what I’ve done for the environment, I can now tell them I’ve put in time trying to help improve conditions for whales. :-P)