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No Whaley icon when starting docker on mac, but docker seems to work on command line

I want to apologize in advance if this is not the right place for this question. I could not find any other place to post.

I just downloaded the latest version of Docker Desktop for Mac. It installed fine and it will start, sort of. After I put in my docker username and pass the whaley icon disappears and I can’t access any of the docker gui. I can still go to the command line and run containers and make docker do things. To shut down docker I have to force quit it from the activity monitor in the mac os x. I can’t do it cleanly from a gui.

I am running a branch new macbook air with catalina 15.4 latest mac os x. Is the current docker gui broke on this version of the mac os x?

Can anyone advise me on why this software is not behaving properly?

I have the exact same issue since yesterday (it worked well for a couple of hours). MB Pro, Catalina 15.4

So what is interesting is I have 3 apple computers all running the latest version of catalina. My imacpro shows the desktop gui no problem. My imac does as well. But my imac pro with the exact same install is not showing the gui. I am guessing this might be an issue with the docker software quality? I really need this stuff to work if at all possible, I use it on dev projects all the time. Right now my workaround is to just use the command line on my macbook air where the gui is not working, but it would be really nice if I could get the gui back. Hopefully they are working on a fix for this.

A really strange experience. I used the docker command line to remove oraclelinux image which I had previously installed. Restarted my machine and presto - desktop working again. I don’t think its related to the oraclelinux image itself - maybe some internal cleanup is done when you remove an image? Ill revert back if I discover a reproducible pattern.

Thanks for the idea sir!

I upgraded to 15.5.5 catalina last night on my mackbook air and the whaley icon now works on my laptop. Looks like everything is fine again. Still never resolved 15.5.4 Catalina where the whaley was not coming up.