Ability to receive Notifications of Docker Updates

Hey everyone,

it would be awesome to have a subscribtion possibility of Docker Updates, like new Docker releases, Docker compose etc. either via Mail, RSS or Slack :slight_smile:


What would you like to be notified about? All new releases for all supported version or just about new patches/bugfixes? Docker CE or Docker Desktop? Everything related to Docker? I guess you didn’t mean Docker Desktop, because that is the one that actually notifies you about new versions :slight_smile:

There are a couple of sources where you can read about Docker or even get notifications.

  • Blog: https://www.docker.com/blog/category/products/
    I couldn’t find Docker CE, mostly Docker Desktop, but you could subscribe to the blog’s RSS.

  • GitHub repo: GitHub - docker/cli: The Docker CLI
    It is the source code of the docker client, the client and the daemon are released together. You can “watch” the repository and by clicking on the arrow next to “watch”, and choosing “Custom” you can even choose watching new releases, but that includes all new releases, I guess regardless of whether it is pre-release or stable or if it is for the version you are using.

  • package manager of the Linux distribution
    It is not something that works automatically, you could have a cronjob somewhere and periodically check new versions and send an email when for example Docker CE 26.1.x gets a new patch or 26.x.x gets a new minor version. When a new version is released, I don’t know how quckly it appears in the package repository of the Linux distribution so I think, the best would be a notification about when a new release can be found there.

    I even heard that on Debian-based systems “unattended-upgrades” can sed you email notifications, but I don’t know if it can be configured to notify you about a specific package.

The easiest would be watching the releases in the GitHub repo and just ignore when the notification is about a version you don’t care about.

If you still need a better notification feature, you can try to ask for it in the roadmap

But I didn’t hear about similar features to other tools either. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be useful, but I would not expect it soon.