Release announcements

It feels like I must have missed something obvious, but how to Docker announce new releases? I notice that 17.06-ce has been released, but the “announcements” channel on this forum hasn’t been updated since December.

Is there a mailing list somewhere I can subscribe to to get notified?!

You can check/watch the GitHub repo at

Thanks, I thought of that but according to this you can’t watch a Github repo for just releases though. If the announcements forum is no longer being updated I’d suggest removing it to avoid confusion.

Surely Docker must announce releases somewhere a bit more formal? It would be helpful to have a low-traffic mailing list or similar that releases were announced on.

(The link above isn’t an official Github issue, but ironically Github don’t seem to have a public issue tracker, so that’s the nearest thing I am aware of)

The blog (which has a feed) and newsletter are used for that.