Absolute newbie in Docker world: What is best way to get into using it?

Hello Dockers!

I’m following Docker on Social media and see many people use and recommend it I researched what does it do and as far as I see it could help me a lot.

I want to know what would be best way to get into Docker world and after tha learn advanced things about it and master it?

I read somewhere it is not hard to get into it so I want to give it chance.

Written series would be best, but any course would do the job too.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,
Just like you just started looking at this.

Have alook at this link: blog.docker.com/2016/06/webinar-containerization-virtualization-admin/

Also a quick look at the concepts in this video from Tech Field Day very short and to the point on the basics.

I’m now going through a 3 part self pace training with exercises. Just finished the first one and looks promising.

Having some Linux konwledge is highly recommended (not my case really)

Good luck



This looks promising! I will watch links you given, I hope this will help me learn something about Docker.
Docker looks like very helpful utility and I want to know how to use it. :slight_smile:

Also Linux is not a problem, as I use it for about a year, so I think I learned something for that time :smiley:

Thank you very much

Didn’t know about the self-paced learning, I’m gonna take a look at that, hope it’ll get me up to speed! :slight_smile: