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How to connect to docker VM (MobyLinux) from windows shell?

Is there away to log into host VM’s shell, similarly to how can we easily enter into running containers bash?

docker exec -it <container_id> bash

I accidentally broke one container’s crucial file, so that it couldn’t start. Unfortunately, that container stored it’s data inside. The result was that whenever I tried to run it, it couldn’t start. The only solutions I saw were about navigating to host docker daemon’s files. However, I’m running docker VM on windows, and I cannot access the files inside VM (MobyLinuxVM).

I’m using Docker for Windows, version 1.12.3-beta30.1 (8711)
(originally asked on SO, but without any success:

i was unable to access internet to pull containers through docker
ERROR: network timed out
i was unable to configure proxy for docker

@lpodolak I have the same problem. So the only solution I could find so far is to run a container as the manager (from an ubuntu image), then I mounted the directory /var/lib/docker/aufs from MobyLinuxVM into this container. In this path, I can access the files!. But, honestly, the Image IDs that I see on this path are not the ones I see in “Docker images” command.
This is what I have found so far. I share it with maybe I could be helpful, and if you found something as well please let me know.