Access denied when pulling public GitHub package

I am unable to pull an image that is on a public repository.

Here is the GitHub repository: GitHub - lobis/docker-root-geant4-garfield: This image has ROOT, Geant4 and Garfield++ installed. This repository hosts the Dockerfile as well as the Docker image as a GitHub Package.

And here is the package I am trying to pull: root-geant4-garfield-dev versions · lobis · GitHub. As far as I can tell its public and should be accessible. I have had acessed this on the past from linux machines.

However when I try to pull the image on my Windows machine (Docker version 20.10.17, build 100c701. Updated Docker Desktop). I get the following error:

>docker pull
Error response from daemon: Head "": denied: denied

When I check the URL in the error message I also get an error saying I am not authentificated. {"errors":[{"code":"UNAUTHORIZED","message":"authentication required"}]}.

I think this is a problem with my local docker installation because I was able to pull this image from other machines in the past, however I am not able to check this at the moment.

Thank you.

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Is your Windows behind a proxy server?

I had the exact same problem and even reported it to Github Support

Enable containerd for pulling and storing images in Beta Features, this solved my issue

It turns out the problem is with docker desktop - Updating, switching to a different IP via VPN or proxy, or disabling them altogether didn’t work, but when pulling from a linux VM with anything but docker desktop worked fine.