Access denied when pulling public GitHub package

I am unable to pull an image that is on a public repository.

Here is the GitHub repository: GitHub - lobis/docker-root-geant4-garfield: This image has ROOT, Geant4 and Garfield++ installed. This repository hosts the Dockerfile as well as the Docker image as a GitHub Package.

And here is the package I am trying to pull: root-geant4-garfield-dev versions · lobis · GitHub. As far as I can tell its public and should be accessible. I have had acessed this on the past from linux machines.

However when I try to pull the image on my Windows machine (Docker version 20.10.17, build 100c701. Updated Docker Desktop). I get the following error:

>docker pull
Error response from daemon: Head "": denied: denied

When I check the URL in the error message I also get an error saying I am not authentificated. {"errors":[{"code":"UNAUTHORIZED","message":"authentication required"}]}.

I think this is a problem with my local docker installation because I was able to pull this image from other machines in the past, however I am not able to check this at the moment.

Thank you.

Is your Windows behind a proxy server?