Push fail with "denied: requested access to the resource is denied"

Hello, I’m using Docker Desktop for Windows: I followed the Getting Started tutorial, but I’m not able to push images to my repository. I always get the same error:

docker push marcogrg/getting-started
The push refers to repository [docker.io/marcogrg/getting-started]
36ff03adf20c: Preparing f46df9cf6498: Preparing 0f4c1352b167: Preparing b12c59827877: Preparing 33c549f45c7f: Preparing b745c9620c42: Waiting beee9f30bc1f: Waiting denied: requested access to the resource is denied

I created the repository in Docker Hub, following the instructions in the tutorial, tried both with Public and Private settings, but nothing works. I searched the forum for the issue, but none of the suggested solutions worked for me.

Thanks for your help, Marco

I’m using Windows 10 Pro for workstation, version 1909, build 18363.778, Docker Desktop Community version (43884), engine 19.03.8.

Thanks for your help, Marco