Access Docker Using Docker Engine API

Hi team,

I have installed Docker on Windows 10 & I am using Linux Containers. I am trying to hit Remote Engine API’s of Docker from Windows. For this I have enabled the below option:

expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 without TLS.

I am able to hit the API’s & get response, such as /info etc.

Now my requirement is to call the API’s from a different machine (Different Windows Machine, where docker is not installed). So I followed the below procedure:

  1. Go to Settings in GUI
  2. Go to the Daemon tab
  3. Switch from Basic to Advanced
  4. input the following config:
  "hosts": [

But when I try this the Apply button is disabled & not able to use this.

Can anyone please help me in calling Docker remote engine API’s remotely.

Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance.