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How to find the remote API

(Aadam) #1


I am following this guide to set up a django development environment ( I didn’t use the docker-machine method as I am using the native docker for windows 10.
Now, I need to connect the PyCharm IDE with the docker as instructed here. But the problem is that PyCharm is asking for a remote API URL but I have no idea what it is and where to look for it. In linux, it is unix:///var/run/docker.sock but in Windows, no idea. I spent two days searching for this and trying to solve it, but no luck as of now.
Now, after a tiresome and unfruitful search, I turn to you for a solution.

I am using the latest docker for windows native version, running the latest windows 10 version and the latest pycharm IDE.

(Michael Friis) #2

It’s on npipe:////./pipe/docker_engine

(Aadam) #3

I tried it but it returned the following response. Only tcp or unix supported

(Michael Friis) #4

This is a limitation in the pycharm / docker-java library. There’s debate here:

You might be able to get this working with a socat tunnel: [worked around] Docker HTTP(S) API no longer available in beta9?

(Aadam) #5

Oh, never mind. I was just about to tell you that I don’t think it will work in Windows, but by sheer luck, I tried this http://localhost:2375 and lo and behold, it worked. YAY

Thanks, really appreciate it.

(Michael Friis) #6

I’d really also recommend trying to get this fixed in pycharm

(Aadam) #7

Yeah, I spent two days trying to solve this problem.