Accounts still marked personnal after joining Team organization

Our company bought several hundred of Team licences so that our developers can continue to use Docker Desktop.
We started to invite/add members to the organization. We see in the admin panels of the orgnaization that they now pick licences from the pool of licences we bought but their account is still marked as personnal in both the web portal and Docker Desktop.
What is missing ? Will they be able to continue to use Docker Desktop?

I’ll autoreply to my post.

It looks like it takes several hours for the assignment to the organization to be reflected on users profiles.
After few hours now user profiles show correctly “Team Plan” instead of “Personnal Plan”

We have the same problem.
We have been waiting for a few days, but we still see the “personal” plan :frowning:

Does anyone know why we could not see the “Team Plan” after 4 days?