Persistent Organization Data

Hi everyone, I have an issue with Docker Desktop app. I was working in a company with a docker license and I was logged with an user that belongs to their organization. My contract ended and now docker desktop is asking me to log in with an account that belongs to that organization. I tried to log in with my personal user without license. I was expecting that would change the organization to my personal non commercial one but that’s not working. I deleted the app and removed a lot of different configuration files but when I reinstall docker desktop still ask for an account in the company’s organization. Any help with this?

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Docker desktop is asking you to log in

Is it the same screen as the link above?

As far as I know, when I log in to docker desktop, I go to chrome or edge

Why don’t you delete the cache of the web browser you use?

It was that. I was looking for the registro.json file in the wrong folder. After deleting that file everything went back to normal. Thanks

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