Advantages and disadvantages of docker deploying Weblogic

Hi all,
We are investigating the advantages and disadvantages of docker deploying different middleware

  1. Is it recommended to deploy Weblogic in docker
  2. Is it recommended to deploy Middleware in docker to start Java programs

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  1. I really think you need to ask your supplier or oracle what they think or recommend, is it possible? yes it is, is it recommend for your usecase, not sure.

  2. A bit like above, if you plan on deploying a full scale jboss server, then maybe not, but if its a simple java application, yes, 100%

Docker is lightweight, what will I lose if I deploy Tomcat or weblogic in docker? For example, the mirror image will become larger. Is there some performance impact as well? The java program recommends java -jar to start or use middleware to start the war program, and why?

There is some applications that have shown a performance drop, i know mariadb have had issues.
but i think its just to try it? there is offcial tomcat images here: Docker Hub

I Think that some applications are to complex to handle in a container, fx. jboss/wildfly where there are so many modules, logs, commands, files that I think its not worth it

yeah,Thanks for your help