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After configuring docker to use registry cache, no longer works

After hitting the recent rate limits I followed the directions here:

I have a fully functioning registry cache, all docker daemons who have my local registry mirror can get images really fast from dockerhub. Howerver, now none of the other registries works, including images from quay.

docker pull
Error response from daemon: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Of note, when specifying a full URL in the default setup the docker daemon knows to use to use the domain as registry. Why is this not the case when using the registry pull through cache?

Is there documentation on how to setup a registry cache to replace the default setup now that these rate limits are in place?

while I have found some more complete instructions as to how one might run mirrors for other registries:

adding in the second mirror looks like:

  "registry-mirrors": [                                    

However, I get the same error response as above.

I still don’t understand why configuring a single registry breaks others when I am specifying a full URL to the image.