Akismet has temporarily hidden your post -> present status?

4 days ago I joined and did my first post. This post was hidden because it was temporarily considered as SPAM due to a forbidden word (*****) .

Because I did not receive a follow-up on this automated email I was wondering what the present status was?

The post itself is not that important but it can help others to understand why their docker installation fails.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. That post was hidden because I have read the beginning of the post and since many users asked a question in the “Tips & HowTos” category I incorrectly assumed it was a question. After I moved the topic to another category, I read the rest of your message and realized I made a mistake, so I moved it back. Then Akismet hid the post because I guess it detected the category moving as a strange behavior. Since I thought it shouldn’t have happened and I don’t have permission to restore a post, I started an internal discussion and we reported this issue to Discourse. We are still discussing the possible solutions with the Discourse team to avoid this happening again.

Again, I am sorry for not reading carefully and thank you for your post. We appreciate any help and contribution.


Just to make sure I understood and we are talking about the same event. Did that hiding happen right after you posted your tip or you could post it, saw your message and later you got the message about detecting it as a spam?

Getting a notification about the approved post would definitely be useful.

No worries, if you need to relocate a bundle of misplaced topics you are also allowed to make mistakes,

Because your automated emails went also into my SPAM folder I did not notice it straight away but based upon the timestamps of topic (Nov 14, 11:37 AM) and email (Wed 16/11/2022 19:33) it is safe to assume that my initial email was not considered SPAM and your action triggered it.

Glad to have created a test-case :grinning: