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Why does this forum feel so unmoderated?

@moderators this forum seems orphaned when it comes to moderation… I am currious why…

Two things that realy annoy me is:
Spam remains for ever - no one is cleaning the mess up. Spammer accounts seem hardly be blocked or deleted.
Lewish95 (which is obviosuly a bot) steals content from all arround the web without marking the original source.

There is a whole team of moderators and docker staff in the forum, but their involvement seem to be limited to dropping announcement every now and then.

Is this forum owned and operated by Docker or by Mirantis?


I have to second this view.

As an admin on another Discourse site I have all of the Discourse privileges and have also installed development and production versions of Discourse so know how to access the data as SQL from the database, restart the Docker containers, etc. In short I know what can and can not be done on a Discourse forum. Additionally I visit many other non-Discourse forums each day and this is the most left by the side of the road forum I use.

I use to come here to keep a pulse on what is happening with Docker but now come here to see how a site is like a lawless town of the old west functions. Knowing that Lewish95 is a bot is really interesting as it just goes to give multiple points of evidence that the moderators don’t even care about the site policies, namely

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

So while I would like to see this site return to being the site the users expect of a site with a hostname of until such changes take place it is now just a psychology experiment.


@moderators: this is a friendly reminder that we are still waiting for a response :slight_smile:


@moderators merry christmas and of course another friendly reminder :slight_smile:

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@moderators … and another friendly reminder

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Happy new year everyone!
@moderators … and another friendly reminder. I wish the absense of the response of ANY moderator would not proove my point about this forum beeing unmoderated…


@moderators … and another one… Isn’t docker open source driven? Can it be realy that hard to find volunteers that fill in the position as acting moderators?


I would help digging the post.
The spammer is still there on the loose; if I can pin this topic, I would do it already.

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Also, am I the only one for whom the huge header on top of this forum is blocking proper navigation?


Now for the required 20 minimum number of characters.

Can you provide an example for the problem?
I usualy click on categories in the burger menu to get back to the categories overview.

Appart from that: I gave up on this forum. It is time to let others perform the artificial ventilation for this forum ^^

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Ah, it seems no navigation is really missing, as the hamburger menu is all one gets for very wide browser windows too. Also, it may only be a problem when being logged in, in which case the top of my view is partially blocked.

When logged in

When logged in with a smaller window width

When logged out

When logged out with a smaller window width

I love the (non-Windows Server) Docker products, and really appreciate what’s being offered. But not so much love for this forum. Not a problem, there are many more resources.

(Latest Firefox and Chrome on a Mac. Mobile is much better, also for the bullet lists which actually show bullets on mobile but just show some indentation in my desktop browsers.)

The page header dissapears when it’s scrolled out of the screen. When you scroll past the post title, it appears in the bar with the hamburger menu. This bar will become your main navigation menu. Imho, the page header does not provide any value to the forum internal navigation.

I use Docker exclusivly where it is treated as a first class citizen: Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS).

Yes, that’s actually my main problem, which I did not voice well earlier:

In other Discourse installations, I’m used to always seeing some clickable logo at the top left of the sticky (here: dark blue) header. Even on small width screens. That logo allows me to get to the forum’s home page without the need to go into the hamburger menu. See for example itself.

In this very forum, the Docker logo that links back to is only visible when not having scrolled yet. And that huge header needs one to scroll for sure. :wink:

Just to make sure my screenshots make some sense: it’s the light blue “Welcome to the Docker Community Forums” that confused me, as only a few pixels of that part are ever visible when I’m logged in. I figured that the light blue part would include the navigation that I was looking for (and was mostly hidden by the dark blue part), but logging out confirms it doesn’t.

So, for me, the main “problem” is the sticky navigation not including a direct link to the forum’s overview page.

Aside, maybe the light blue part should not be visible at all when logged in? There is no way to dismiss it otherwise (for me).

Ah, when not logged in, I can dismiss it; the bottom few pixels of the close icon are visible:


But, just in case someone wants to fix it, then I get the navigation or title being partially hidden:

Now I cherish the few light blue pixels that I see when logged in. :slight_smile:

Fully agree the “left over navigation bar” lacks a direct link back to the main page,

I never knew the light blue banner can be dismissed - I tried it and you are right: the navigation items directly undearneath it disapper along with it.

Now we know, the forum does not only lack attention from its moderators, it lacks attention from the ux department as well. What a joy!

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In other Discourse forums, spam posts like from would not even make until approved. Some setting needs some tweaking here.

First I am only just a user like most others here. I have no moderator or admin rights so I can not make changes here. Sorry if you thought the message implied otherwise.

I do agree that an active admin here would be of benefit.

Just a few seconds ago I was doing my daily check of post at Discourse Meta and noticed that another Beta release notes was posted (14h ago as of this writing) and notified the users of the site I am an admin at with this post.

Also being a Discourse admin at SWI-Prolog site I am very aware that one should pay very close attention to the details in this release concerning the upgrade of the PostgreSQL server from version 12 to 13. When the server was upgraded from 11 to 12 it caused many problems for those that self host.

Sadly :slightly_frowning_face: I am not an admin here so as I can not take the necessary action.

Also @moderators if you could ban this clown, that would be great. They’ve been spamming relentlessly.

This bot comments with GitHub issue text seemingly at random.


I just noticed that the layout issues have been fixed, now also showing a home icon. :+1:

So, someone is still putting some love in the forum? If you need help fighting the spammers and scammers then let us know!