What happened to my account and the post that I made?

I signed up the first time a couple days ago and I made a thread in the General Discussion category. As soon as I submitted the post I was given a message that my post was flagged for spam and that someone would review my post. I checked on it a few times over the following 24 hrs but did not see any activity or change. The next time I cam and clicked the Log in button (last night) I was given a pop up window that indicated it was for signing up for a new account (see attached picture). I am a first time user to this forum and came in the hope of being (and feeling) welcome. What happened to my first account (under exactly the same name and input as this one) and what happened to the thread / post that I made? Was my account deleted for some reason? Because I don’t know what I could have done to deserve that.

We do welcome you on the forum. The spam filter is sometimes too sensitive and we have many spams. It is possible that someone accidentally clicked the wrong delete button when multiple accounts were flagged. It is also possible that the system deleted the account automatically without asking us to confirm for some reason. If you can share your previous username in the private message you have sent us, we will investigate.


Sorry I have just noticed you shared that you used the same username as you are using now. I am going to check the logs.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I wish you a better experience here in the future and thank you for not giving up :slight_smile: .

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I moved your second report to this topic so we can see all your posts related to your issue.

Thank you so much. Sorry I was a little irritated. I appreciate you’re patients w/ me and kindness. I’m pretty sure my previous account was the same as this one (same username, email, etc) - the reason I think this is because the fields when creating a new account were pre-filled on both occasions with the same as my docker hub account. That first time of creating the account contained the only post that was not related to addressing the issue but was just me talking about my experience w/ Docker and asking if others could relate (it had been posted in the General category). If it is lost it’s ok. I understand that sometimes things happen.

No problem. I undersand.

Thank you for sharing the details. I was going to ask for the same information :slight_smile:

I found in the logs that some of our moderators deleted your account as spammer 3 days ago. Based on what you shared about the content I it doesn’t look like a spam. Did you share links or pictures? We are discussing this issue with the staff so we can avoid happenning something like this again.

It is still possible that it was an accidental deletion or you shared a link that you were not aware of, for example because you pasted a text which contained a link that you didn’t really want to share. I have seen posts that seems like an actual help, but it contains a link on a dot character which is hard to notice and it can indicate that the post is actually a spam and the content was just make it look like trying to help someone.

If you can create your original post again and notify us about it I will check the content and accept it or edit if it is necessary before accepting.

Thanks for how you handle this. I real appreciate it.