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All Containers lost during Update to 1.13.0-rc3-beta32

Today, I got the update to 1.13.0-rc3-beta32. During update there is a warning message, that by continuing, the system will need a reboot. I cancelled the update here.
A little later, I restarted docker and it asked me if it should import images from Docker toolbox - I said no.
Docker started, I wanted to start my devel-containers, but there is only one container left: dw4/nsenter (I can’t remember having ever used this).

Afterwards I have continued the update, without getting back my images and containers. Generally, no important data is lost as the images are for devellopment only, but I need to reimport all databases, which is quite annoying.

Is the hyperV VM replaced during update, or how can this happen? Is there a way to access the old VM, containers or volumes? Shouln’t there be some security check to prevent deletion of containers and volumes?


Thanks for reporting. This sounds like a bug. Could I ask you to open an issue here?

Thanks, I opened an issue on