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Alpine:3.10 new problems

I ran a multi-stage build about 6 weeks ago. The builder stage is based on the golang:1.12.7 image after compilation I create a lightweight image based on alpine:3.10.

This was pushed to and aws ECR Repo and used as a Fargate based Task. Worked fine.

I refactored the Go src and rebuilt the image using the existing Dockerfile and when running a Fargate Task I now get the error logged "standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused “no such file or directory”. Googling suggests that this may be using image for the processor. Not sure.

Reverting to my previous Go code and rebuilding the container reproduces the error, so its a Docker issue.

Checking the Alpine pages shows multiple updates about a month ago and specific references to architectures for each Alpine image. Not much helpful documentation on how to interpret this and ensure I pull the correct image for the target architecture.




After more testing, it does not look like an issue with the base image.

An unhelpful aws error log and a steer from Google points this way but it looks like an aws credentials issue.

Ultimately it was an architecture issue. When I based both the builder and deployment images on alpine3.10 the issue resolved itself.