Unable to mount local drives

Expected behavior

Should be able to mount local drives into containers.

Actual behavior

Docker going into “Not Responding State” and not even asking for Credentials.
Once closed and restarted Docker, docker is always in “Docker is initiating” mode. However, I am able to use all docker commands, images and containers but not mounting.
Docker is never arriving at “Docker is running state” post trying to to share drive. Before trying to share Drive, docker is in “Docker is running” mode.


Docker Build :
Version 1.11.1 -beta 13 Build : 3441
Windows 10 Enterprise, Version : 1511
OS Build 10586.318

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Go to Settings in Docker.
  2. Then go to “Shared Drives”
  3. Click on D drive and select “Apply”


[14:14:10.195][NamedPipeServer][Info ] GetVmMaxMemory()
[14:14:10.196][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script…
[14:14:10.856][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for GetVmMaxMemory
[14:14:10.855][NamedPipeServer][Info ] GetVmMaxMemory done.
[14:14:21.422][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending Unmount©…
[14:14:21.423][NamedPipeServer][Info ] Unmount©
[14:14:21.424][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending IsShared(D, <>:)…
[14:14:21.425][HyperV ][Info ] Unmount /C;/c
[14:14:21.426][NamedPipeServer][Info ] IsShared(D, <>:
[14:14:21.426][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script with parameters: -Unmount True -UnmountPoints /C;/c…
[14:14:21.836][Cmd ][Info ] The Server service is not started.
[14:14:21.837][Cmd ][Info ]
[14:14:24.413][HyperV ][Info ] Un-Mount volume /C;/c
[14:14:24.530][NamedPipeServer][Info ] Unmount done.
[14:14:24.531][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for Unmount

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The Sharing service of Windows had to be started.
Was confused as it wasn’t mentioned in the documentation.

interested in this, but would want to mount a folder/partition on a linux host. Anybody could share the command for such an operation?

With very little experience yet I’d expect to mount such on runtime like
docker run -d -v /path/to/host/folder:/path/in/container debian:8

what’s the difference of the method you are talking about here (which sound more like a general mount?


The one which I mentioned, firstly is for the Windows Beta.
On Linux, Yes, the command which you gave works. However, on Windows, the folder sharing is as of now bound to drive. Once the drive is accessible, I believe all the folders should be.

However, as of now, I am yet not able to access any folders. Though it’s not giving an error, I am yet not able to do it.

ok, much clearer now. thanks