An unexpected error was encountered while executing a WSL command

Common causes include access rights issues, which occur after waking the computer or not being connected to your domain/active directory.
Please try shutting WSL down (wsl --shutdown) and/or rebooting your computer. If not sufficient, WSL may need to be reinstalled fully. As a last resort, try to uninstall/reinstall Docker Desktop. If the issue persists please collect diagnostics and submit an issue (Troubleshoot Docker Desktop | Docker Docs).

why when I install docker on windows 11 it keeps getting an error like this, what to do?

I also need solution to this problem. Kindly help.

I am also having same problem in my windows 11. Kindly Help. Thanks

Same issue here, can some one give us a hint please ?

I’ve followed everything that is indicated on how to fix Unexpected WSL error based on the prompt still getting error.