Any known problems with symlinks on bind mounts?

My host is a Windows 10 system running 17.03.1-ce-win5.

My container is a CentOS 7.3 system that is being used to do builds.

I’m building the source tree from inside the host using git. The linux file system symbolic links in the tree look okay from both the host and container sides.

But… frequently in my build I will fail with the compile reporting that it can’t find a file - a file that has to be found via a symlink. Typically the failure disappears by just retrying…

It is kind of worrisome to think that a basic part of the file system that is well supported by the host is not reliable.

I haven’t found any reports of this kind of problem, it appears that there were some early problems with links not working at all, but nothing about sporadic bugs. I guess it is still a little confusing that the symlinks on the container side are not properly implemented on the host file system, but one thing at a time.

Any takers?