Symlinks in symlinked folders

Hi all

I am encoutering a problem. We use docker-compose to build our development envirmonts locally. We recently made a change to our folder structure what resulted in a lot more symlinked folders. Now we encounter a problem where symlinks are not resolved but are printed.

Following situation is applicable

We have this folder structure.

additionalconfig --> …/…/customer
customer --> customers/customerX

For some reason the symlink additionalconfig is not resolved as a symlink but as a file with a symlink path. The only symlink that is linked correctly is the customer symlink.

We are trying this from a windows machine and want to use this sturcutre on a php container. I have shared the drive in windows with docker.

Do you guys know where to look for? Is it ACL related? Wh is are the symlinks resolved as files? Or is something else happening. If you need more information please feel free to ask!

I am having the same issue… but quiet understand why.

Here is what I did to solve it.

Instead of mounting the link externally, I configured my volume into a /app folder, which has the local symlinks, so, data will be updated/resolved as requested.

Inside the container you can have the local symlink accordingly to your folder.

Hope it helps you too.