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Auto Builds doesn't work, manual builds stuck

(Ivan Gaas) #1


I’m using docker hub auto build with my bitbucket private repo. Yesterday it was working well, but today here is problem:

  1. When I push to my repo no any builds triggered at all.
  2. So I started manual build, but it sucked for an hour already (and still sucked) in ‘pending’ state. As I can see it even doesn’t update Dockerfile yet.

My docker hub repo with the problem: wodby/skydns

(Chukaofili) #2

Hi, I am having the same problem, thought it was something wrong with my auto-build setup, but it was also working yesterday, but now stuck in ‘pending state’ after manually starting the build. It also didn’t pick up my repository changes [bitbucket].

(Astrazeneca CTO Office) #3

Same here - might be some issues from the Docker Registry side? After two hours’ waiting the build went error status with the following logs - ‘Error: Status 403 trying to push repository azcto/technology-apps-deploy: ““Access denied, you don’t have access to this repo””’.

(Andy Rothfusz) #4

This may be related to but it sounds a little different.